Swiss 2026 Olympic Bid In Trouble?

Finding an Olympics host is getting harder to find.



It seems that the Sion, Switzerland’s bid for the 2026 Winter Olympics has gotten off to a rotten start. The Swiss broadcaster RTS put out a report that the Swiss bid committee played a little loose with the facts when it released cost estimates of a Sion 2026 Games. The bid committee claimed it would cost about $2 billion US to stage the event but the broadcaster said that was too low a figure and that $400 million should be added to the costs. The bid committee revised the cost. It should come as no surprise that a bid committee purposely released a lower figure because voters around Europe and elsewhere have taken notice of sports costs and have rejected big events because of the staggering amount of public money that sports event organizers are asking from the public.


The Swiss Olympic backers have gotten a boost from the Swiss government with a promise of one billion dollars US coming the bid committee’s way with strings attached. That includes going through two chambers of Parliament and perhaps a referendum. The referendum part may get very tricky. Five areas of Switzerland would be used to stage the competition and it is possible that five votes will be held asking local residents whether they want to put up money. Switzerland is the only confirmed bidder for the Games. Innsbruck, Austria voters were the latest group who went to the polls to decide on spending public money on the Olympics.  On October 15, nearly 54 percent of voters in the Innsbruck metropolitan area said no and in Innsbruck itself, the vote was nearly two to one against spending public money on the 2026 Games. As voters slam the door shut on the 2026 Winter Olympics in Europe, the United States Olympic Committee may cobble a group of cities together in a last minute bid.