Brain Power: Erik Neander and Pete Bendix Discuss State Of Rays As Camp Opens

Tampa Bay Rays President of Baseball Operations Erik Neander and General Manager Pete Bendix opened the off-season saying veteran bats would be sought to bolster the offense. As we are now opening spring training a glance at the checklist shows the Rays free agent expenditure being a starting pitcher.

Neander explains that the reason for this wasn’t predicated on payroll constraints and that reminds everyone that there is no deadline on roster additions via trade until July. Bendix discusses the Rays roster construction and notes the importance of continuity among the roster, the atheleticims they have which will be enhanced by the rule changes, and also that the Rays have a variety of hitter profiles to build a lineup.

Ultimately, the goal is to be the last team standing and both Neander and Bendix believe the Rays have the talent to acheive that end. They are confident the roster is ready to take one more bite out of the apple.

Ultimate Goal To Be Last Team Standing

Budgetary Constraints Did Not Limit Rays In Free Agency

Rays Have Flexibility With Payroll In 2023

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Roster Continuity Important Intangible

Roster Decisions Impacted By Rule Changes

Lineup Has Variety Of Hitters With A Lot Of Athleticism

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