The Chase For The 2032 Summer Olympics Has Begun

And they are off.


North Korea wants it, South Korea wants it. Indonesia wants it. They all want to host the 2032 Summer Olympics. For whatever reason, politicians and business leaders want the Olympics in town. The International Olympic Committee is having a rough time finding the right city for the 2026 Winter Olympics, very few cities wanted the 2024 and 2028 Summer Olympics but there is a list of cities and countries that are ready to bid on the 2030 Winter Games and the 2032 Summer Games. Salt Lake City backers are talking about a 2030 bid. The line is getting longer for a 2032 Summer Olympics bid. It is an event that is still 13 ½ years away.

The preliminary bidders list is in for the 2032 Games. North and South Korea, a joint effort, Indonesia, India, Germany, China, Egypt, Russia, Australia are building bid committees. Of course it is easy to announce your city or country wants the Olympics but it is very difficult to find the funding and even when funding is found, it is getting harder to justify spending public cash for a two week sports affair followed by the Paralympics. Recent history should be studied. The 2026 Winter Olympics seemed like it was going to be placed in Switzerland, The International Olympic Committee is headquartered in the country. But voters in two separate districts said no. The same thing happened in Austria. Japan decided not to bid for the Games although there may be a bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics. The International Olympic Committee had just two bidders for the 2024 Summer Games. Paris and Los Angeles. The IOC decided, let’s do this, Paris you get 2024, Los Angeles you get 2028. Politicians and business leaders may want the event, but the people who pay the bills want a vote. The IOC doesn’t win many elections.