The Davis Island home of Derek Jeter will now be casa de Brady very soon.

According to the Tampa Bay Times new Tampa Bay Bucs quarterback Tom Brady and his family will be settling into a home with a view. His new home will have water views as well as a stunning view of the downtown Tampa skyline.

The Brady family will be renting the 30,000-square foot mansion on Davis Islands built by Yankees Hall of Fame shortstop Derek Jeter, the Tampa Bay Times has confirmed. The home, which they are renting, features seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, an entertainment room and a billiards room that wraps around a pool with two boat lifts providing access to Tampa Bay.

Jeter is not using the home now because as part of the Miami Marlins front office he has settled in South Beach. Meanwhile, Brady is happy to be part of the Tampa community in a big way.

The home was nicknamed “St. Jetersburg.” It’s so big that then-Rays manager Joe Maddon joked that if Jeter sold the property, the Rays could build a stadium there.

During the coronavirus quarantine, Brady can stay in shape for his first Buccaneers season just by walking around the house.

One Hall of Famer to a future Hall of Famer, the Jeter to Brady connection makes plenty of sense. As for the future beyond his two year deal with the Bucs, Brady may just like his Tampa digs well enough to stay.