The IOC Is Here To Help You

Help is on the way.




The Olympics and the Paralympics come and go every two years but there is one constant that never disappears. The International Olympic Committee’s quest to find host cities for a big and lengthy sports party. The IOC has not had a good time recently getting cities and countries to spend billions for the sports mega event and there is a long list of cities that have said we are not interested. The IOC had just two areas pursuing the 2022 and 2024 Games. The Swiss-based sports group was so desperate to get host cities that it gave the two applicants for the 2024 Summer Games, Paris and Los Angeles Olympics. Paris in 2024, Los Angeles in 2028. The IOC has seen a number of cities and countries say no to hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics.

It is back to the drawing board and a new approach after cities told the IOC that they did not want to sink billions of dollars or euros or loonies into a money losing event. The IOC is willing to demand less from the bidders and claims that could save interested parties about $1.5 billion in Olympics costs. “The New Norm” features 118 solutions that include reusing Olympic venues and assisting cities and countries in improving transportation and infrastructure. It seems as if the IOC wants to get into the urban planning and public policy business. The IOC will provide not only assistance but will provide funding. The International Olympic Committee is going to offer turnkey solutions including website opportunities and ticketing services. No one knows if having the IOC as a business partner is helpful or not. Even though cities and countries have turned their collective backs on the IOC, there is some interest from the United States Olympic Committee to host a future Winter Olympics. Calgary, Austria and Switzerland are also in the mix for a 2026 winter event. The IOC is now offering help for bidders.