The Reason Behind Liverpool’s Lack of Good Form This Season

After spending 30 years without the most desired trophy, Liverpool finally managed to win the Premier League last season. But, after reaching the highest heights, the club suddenly dropped in form and is now even struggling to win a Champions League spot for the next season.

Nobody could’ve expected the plunge that Liverpool had this season and it caught many fans off guard. We wanted to take a closer look into this case and name some of the things that led to Klopp’s boys failing to secure a top spot this season and possibly win the PL back-to-back. But first, let’s see what are the projections for the next season.

They Are Still Among the Favorites for the Next Season?

Many experts believe that the drop in form is just temporary and that it will not last. With that being said, Liverpool is still considered among the favorites to win the Premier League next season. They might not be the first choice, but they are in the top 3.

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Now, let’s analyze what actually caused Liverpool’s downfall this season.

Numerous Injuries

Injuries were probably the biggest factor that caused Liverpool their title run this season. The club was practically without any defensive player for a bigger part of the season. On some occasions, even the team’s captain, Jordan Henderson was forced to play as a center-back which is something that has never happened.

Even the substitution players were injured at some point and Liverpool was just trying to piece together an 11-side team that can go to a match. Hence, there were many holes in their gameplay and many teams were able to exploit that in a short period.

Many Games in A Short Period

Next up, we will name the most likely cause that led to the aforementioned injuries. Due to the fact that they were competing in numerous tournaments, Liverpool practically had no time off during the summer. They spent it playing in the Champions League, then had some friendlies, and after that, the season began.

Players had no time to rest and recharge their batteries and were thrown in the fire, which of course, was not Liverpool’s fault, that was just the schedule. They were able to withstand the pressure for some time, but they cracked under it.

Massive Success Often Leads To Plunges

Not only did they become Champions of England in 2020, but Liverpool were Champions of Europe and Champions of the World the year before that. After spending many years on the sidelines, the club managed to develop and practically win every major trophy. But, accomplishments like that often have some downsides.

Lack of discipline and motivation is the biggest one. The club started feeling invincible and took their success for granted. That led to the club coming overconfident in the new season and even though they started strong, the overconfidence quickly backfired on them. For the first time in their history, Liverpool lost 5 home games in a row, which was a huge blow to the team. Ever since the second half of the season started, they have been struggling with inconsistency.