US Open Day 2: Dahmen at -5 joins Morikawa for 36-hole lead heading into today’s action.

Joel Dahmen is in the clubhouse at 5 under, good enough with a tie for the lead with Collin Morikawa. It’s the first time in Dahmen’s career that he heads into the weekend with any part of a 36-hole lead.

Dahmen shot a 68 on Friday at The Country Club, making a 60-foot birdie putt on the 15th hole to improve to minus-5 and grab a share of the lead.

Five players were tied for third, including defending champion Jon Rahm and 2011 winner Rory McIlroy.

With a couple of groups still on the course at the U.S. Open, the cut is set at 3 over par. That means players like Sergio Garcia, Corey Conners and Shane Lowry won’t be playing this weekend.

Patrick Cantlay, K.H. Lee and Tyrell Hatton just squeaked in at plus-3.


T1United StatesC. Morikawa-4F-5
T1United StatesJ. Dahmen-2F-5
T3United StatesH. Buckley-2F-4
T3SpainJ. Rahm-3F-4
T3Northern IrelandR. McIlroy-1F-4
T3United StatesA. Wise-2F-4
T3United StatesB. Hossler-3F-4
T8United StatesM. NeSmith-1F-3
T8United StatesP. Rodgers-2F-3
T8United StatesB. Harman-1F-3
T8United StatesN. Hardy-2F-3
T8United StatesS. Scheffler-3F-3
T13United StatesS. Burns-3F-2
T13EnglandM. FitzpatrickEF-2
T13CanadaA. Hadwin+2F-2
T16EnglandC. Tarren+2F-1
T16United StatesT. Vick-1F-1
T16SwedenD. Lingmerth+2F-1
T16United StatesD. Riley-3F-1
T16United StatesX. Schauffele-1F-1
T16United StatesW. ZalatorisEF-1
T16United StatesK. Bradley-1F-1
T16South AfricaM.J. Daffue+2F-1
T24United StatesB. Matthews-1FE
T24United StatesA. Putnam-2FE
T24JapanH. MatsuyamaEFE
T24United StatesA. SchenkEFE
T24BelgiumT. Pieters-2FE
T24South KoreaJ.H. Kim-2FE
T24United StatesB. Koepka-3FE
T31ChileJ. NiemannEF+1
T31AustraliaM. Leishman+1F+1
T31CanadaM. Hughes-1F+1
T31United StatesJ. Thomas+2F+1
T31IrelandS. PowerEF+1
T31United StatesD. Johnson+3F+1
T31EnglandJ. Rose+3F+1
T31United StatesP. Reed+1F+1
T31SwedenS. SöderbergEF+1
T40NetherlandsW. Besseling+1F+2
T40United StatesM. Homa+3F+2
T40AustraliaA. Scott+3F+2
T40United StatesJ. SpiethEF+2
T40United StatesG. Murray-3F+2
T40ItalyG. MigliozziEF+2
T40United StatesC. Gotterup-1F+2
T40United StatesC. Naegel-1F+2
T40United StatesC. Tringale+1F+2
T40United StatesA. GreaserEF+2
T40United StatesB. DeChambeau+1F+2
T40United StatesG. Woodland+3F+2
T40United StatesH. English-1F+2
T40EnglandR. Bland+2F+2
T40AustraliaT. Sinnott+1F+2
T55United StatesS. Bennett+3F+3
T55United StatesD. McCarthyEF+3
T55United StatesP. Cantlay+1F+3
T55ColombiaS. Muñoz-1F+3
T55United StatesS. HagestadEF+3
T55United StatesJ. Bramlett+2F+3
T55EnglandT. Hatton+1F+3
T55AustraliaM.W. LeeEF+3
T55South KoreaK.H. Lee+2F+3
T55United StatesS. Stevens+2F+3
CutUnited StatesM. McCarty+3+4
CutUnited StatesE. Barnes+3+4
CutUnited StatesW. Clark+4+4
CutUnited StatesJ. Piot+5+4
CutUnited StatesB. Horschel+1+4
CutUnited StatesK. Kisner+1+4
CutUnited StatesC. Young+2+4
CutUnited StatesS. Cink+1+4
CutFinlandK. Samooja-3+4
CutChileMito Pereira+4+4
CutSouth KoreaS.J. Im+2+4
CutSpainS. GarcíaE+4
CutCanadaC. Conners+3+4
CutUnited StatesW. Simpson+4+4
CutIrelandS. Lowry+2+4
CutUnited StatesJ. FurykE+4
CutUnited StatesJ. Kokrak+5+4
CutSouth KoreaS.W. Kim-1+5
CutUnited StatesD. Berger+5+5
CutUnited StatesH. Varner III+3+5
CutUnited StatesC. Kim+2+5
CutSouth AfricaB. Grace-1+5
CutJapanS. Kodaira+1+5
CutCanadaB. Silverman+3+5
CutUnited StatesT. Montgomery+3+5
CutUnited StatesB. Stuard+2+5
CutUnited StatesT. Hoge+2+5
CutUnited StatesT. Gooch+1+5
CutUnited StatesK. NaE+5
CutUnited StatesT. Finau+2+5
CutUnited StatesL. List+3+5
CutCanadaN. Taylor+2+5
CutNew ZealandR. Fox+1+5
CutUnited StatesM. Thorbjornsen-1+6
CutUnited StatesT. Merritt+1+6
CutUnited StatesS. Stallings+2+6
CutSwedenA. Norén+3+6
CutUnited StatesR. HenleyE+6
CutItalyF. Molinari+3+6
CutCanadaR. SloanE+6
CutEnglandS. Horsfield+3+6
CutAustraliaC. Smith+4+6
CutSouth AfricaL. Oosthuizen-1+6
CutUnited StatesD. Shore+2+6
CutUnited StatesK. Kitayama+3+7
CutFranceV. Perez+4+7
CutUnited StatesL. Griffin+5+7
CutUnited StatesA. Novak+4+7
CutUnited StatesM. Moldovan+2+7
CutSpainA. Arnaus+1+7
CutNorwayV. Hovland+7+7
CutEnglandT. Fleetwood+5+7
CutUnited StatesB. Hoag+5+7
CutBelgiumA. Dumont De Chassart+5+7
CutSwedenJ. Blixt+2+7
CutUnited StatesR. Gerard+3+7
CutSouth AfricaS. Norris+8+8
CutUnited StatesP. Kizzire+4+8
CutJapanK. Nakajima+5+8
CutJapanR. Hoshino+1+8
CutUnited StatesW. Mouw+4+9
CutAustriaS. Straka+2+9
CutUnited StatesA. Beckler+1+9
CutUnited StatesC. Seiffert+5+9
CutUnited StatesK. Chappell+6+9
CutUnited StatesB. Calkins+3+9
CutGermanyY. Paul+3+10
CutSouth AfricaE. van Rooyen+2+10
CutJapanD. Izumida+7+10
CutEnglandL. Shepherd+6+11
CutEnglandH. Hall+7+11
CutEnglandR. Mansell+4+11
CutDenmarkT. Olesen+6+11
CutUnited StatesP. Mickelson+3+11
CutNew ZealandD. Lee+5+11
CutUnited StatesC. Reiter+5+11
CutJapanT. Sugiyama+8+12
CutBrazilF. Biondi+3+12
CutUnited StatesN. Dunlap+4+12
CutUnited StatesF. Quinn+7+13
CutJapanJ. Kozuma+7+13
CutAustraliaL. Herbert+9+13
CutUnited StatesB. Lorenz+6+13
CutUnited StatesJ. Mueller+4+14
CutUnited StatesI. Salinda+5+14
CutUnited StatesL. Gannon+10+16
CutAustraliaJ. Morgan+4+16
CutGermanyM. Schneider+9+17
CutUnited StatesC. Manuel+4+17
CutUnited StatesS. Crocker+5+18
CutScotlandS. Jacklin+10+18
CutUnited StatesK. Greene+11+24

All times are in Eastern Time