USF Coaching Search Updates – Strong Leaves But Will Return

USF works on offer while Charlie Strong returns to Texas vowing to come back to Tampa

Happy Saturday and Bulls Nation is waiting to hear if Charlie Strong will replace Willie Taggart as the head coach at USF. For the moment USF is pushing hard to get Strong signed and word out of the USF camp could come at any moment.

UPDATE: 10:00 A.M. – After spending six hours meeting with the USF search committee, Strong left Tampa this morning. When asked by the media as he was about to board the private jet that brought him here about 24 hours ago. He simply smiled and that “I will be back,” then his plane took off from the Tampa International Airport, executive jet area.

Strong returned to his home just outside of Autin without an offer from USF. The problem remains his ability to keep as much of the estimated $10.4 owed him by the University of Texas over the next two years, while signing a multi-year deal with USF.

He remains the front runner for the job and the next move is likely to be an offer from USF that can allow Strong to keep a good chunk of Texas cash, while getting a nice package from the Bulls.

Kudos to WFTS Tom Korun for the following tweets.