Who are the best Quarterbacks in Florida Gators history?

When you consider the representation of Florida in NFL franchise terms recent history might be rather drab but that doesn’t mean the state hasn’t overseen some top-class athletes come through their systems.

Here we take a look at the best quarterbacks in Gators’ history.

Number 5. Jacoby Brissett

If you’re a diehard Gator you might balk at the inclusion of Jacoby Brissett being included on this list when he didn’t spend a huge amount of time on the grass for the Gators. That said, he was with the team and, as such, qualifies to be included.

After all, the fella does have a Super Bowl ring to his name after being understudy to a certain Tom Brady for Super Bowl LI. The round three pick from 2016 is still knocking about in the NFL and, in fact, is back in Florida with the Dolphins too.

Number 4. Chris Leak

The mysterious case of Chris Leak is up next on our list. When the quarterback was plying his trade for the Gators it looked for all the world that he’d go on to have a decent crack at the very top level. He was a national champion in 2006, won the BCS Championship Game MVP award a year later and entered the NFL draft with more career yards than anyone in school history.

Despite widespread praise for his attitude on top of having good pedigree, he went undrafted and never did make it. Leak did at least go on to have a fairly decent pro career though with spells in the CFL and AFL.

Number 3. Rex Grossman

Grossman enjoyed a highly successful three years with the Gators posting over 9,000 yards with his peak year, 2001, seeing him come second in the Heisman voting. When it came to the NFL though inconsistency in terms of playing time and output posed a challenge. In six years with the Chicago Bears he only had one where he was the starting quarterback.

That was 2006 and Grossman threw for just shy of 3,200 yards and 23 touchdowns; it wasn’t a bad year at all. The issue was that his six year average was narrowly over 1,000. After a disastrous spell in Houston, he ended his career with the Redskins throwing a total 4,035 yards.

Number 2. Tim Tebow

Now, Tim Tebow coming in second on our list is another example of where the whole picture needs to be considered. As a NFL quarterback, the concerns raised around the time of the 2010 draft proved to be legitimate as the numbers suggest; Tebow’s best throwing year saw him post well south of 1,800 yards.

That said, for the Gators and in college football the guy was a monster twice winning the SEC Player of the Year award, winning the Heisman trophy and winning two BCS National Championships. His 9,286 yards and 88 touchdowns isn’t half bad either!

Number 1. Cam Newton

If our number five pick upset you then brace yourself. The man topping our list is a massively controversial pick when you’re talking about the best quarterbacks in Florida Gators history but we’re going with it anyway; step forward Cam Newton. Newton’s noteworthy spell in college football came with the Auburn Tigers but, yes, he was once a Gator.

The reason he tops our list here isn’t for what he did in Florida but an acknowledgement of what he’s done in the NFL. An MVP award, which Newton won in 2015 and near on 32,000 passing yards simply has to be applauded.

There you have it, the best quarterbacks in Florida Gators history. Which one of these could feature in the best quarterbacks of all time by TwinSpires? Let us know in the comments below.