XFL 2020 Is Done But It Will Be Back It Claims

Mixed reviews for McMahon.  

The XFL pulled the plug on the 2020 season on Friday by officially canceling the scheduled April playoffs and championship contest. The league also gave permission to its players to pursue contacts with National Football League and Canadian Football League teams. The XFL played just five weekends and seem to make a positive impression on fans. St. Louis and Seattle had fans in the seats, Washington seemed to do well in a smaller MLS stadium. New York, rather East Rutherford, New Jersey, and Los Angeles were trouble spots. The XFL started off with a lot of hype and people sampled the product but there was a dwindling interest level in the XFL as weeks 2-5 played out. Whether all of this matters to the general sports public is questionable and in reality, there is only one person who can answer the question of whether or not the XFL can be a viable business and that is Vince McMahon, the wrestling promotor who owns the league. From all indications, McMahon plans to return in 2021 with a product. It remains to be seen if he decides to move any of the teams to a new market next year.

The 2020 version of the XFL was run by football people unlike the 2001 XFL which had NBC TV put up money as a partner. NBC decided that a wrestling persona was needed to sell the league and it was not until about the sixth week that football people wrested control and it was too late. McMahon was ready to try another year but NBC pulled the product for among other reasons, it did not want NBC TV content, the XFL, on ESPN. The questions ahead for McMahon will include the major stock market losses and it impacts him. How much money he lost with the season cancellation and is he still committed to fund the league for three seasons.

Tampa Bay Vipers – xfl photo