Free The Minnesota Twins!

A politician speaks.

A politician generally knows very little about infectious diseases but some politicians do think they do. Minnesota state representative Pat Garofalo has decided that COVID-19 has virtually disappeared, well maybe not entirely but a recent Twitter posting had him saying, “the COVID situation has dramatically improved and is no longer in crisis.” With that in mind, the conservative politician, who has no degree in infectious disease studies, has decided it is time to free the Minnesota Twins and allow the business to have some fans in the stands somewhere. That somewhere being Wisconsin where the state government has green lighted Major League Baseball’s Milwaukee Brewers organization to allow some customers into its Milwaukee building to watch games. Minnesota governor Tim Walz is holding back any decision to allow customers at Twins games in Minneapolis and the same holds true for the National Hockey League’s Minnesota Wild games in St. Paul.

Garofalo complained “even lowly Illinois is moving faster than Minnesota” in that Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox stadiums will have customers. His solution, a state law allowing customers at games. “Teams across the country have safely allowed fans at stadiums and even typically liberal states like Colorado have announced that fans will be able to enjoy outdoor baseball. Releasing the Twins from any state contractual obligations to play in Minnesota, will give Minnesotans the chance to cross the river and cheer on the team. The Twins are not the only business having to tolerate the slow moving Walz administration. This is illustrative of what the wedding planning, youth sports tournament and hospitality industries have been dealing with. Minnesotans are ready to safely reopen many activities. It is time for Governor Walz to stop holding Minnesota back.” No word on whether Garofalo would require mask or social distancing at Twins games.

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(AP Photo/Scott Audette)