Happy 153rd Birthday Canada!

Status quo for now and the foreseeable future.

Happy birthday to America’s northern neighborhood, Canada. Today is Canada’s 153rd birthday but because of the COVID-19 pandemic there will not be much celebrating. It probably is a good time to take a look at Canada’s post pandemic sports wish list. The top of the list probably is to add a National Hockey League team in Quebec City and a Major League Baseball team in Montreal. The National Hockey League did not give Canadians a 2016 present, a franchise in Quebec City, although there may be a small number of people in Quebec proper that don’t even want to be part of Canada. Quebec City is Quebec’s capital and Montreal is the financial center of the province of Quebec and both are on the outside looking in. Quebec City has a state of the art arena and there could be a decent TV deal available but Quebec City is a government town with limited corporate support and even though there is an arena and a better TV opportunity, there are not many loonies available. Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, Major League Baseball was backing a notion that the Tampa Bay Rays franchise could play the summer portion of its home games in Montreal starting in 2024.

Calgary Flames ownership will be getting a new building but the Ottawa Senators NHL franchise owner Eugene Melnyk does not seem to be in a hurry to get a new building or committing long term to the Canadian capital. The United States, Mexico and Canada will host soccer’s 2026 men’s World Cup. For all the wants, the problem remains the Canadian dollar’s weakness. The Canadian loonie is hanging around 73 cents US at the moment. The NHL and MLB are in a business holding pattern. Canadians may want expansion or relocation teams but now is not the time.