MLB Wants To Go On A European Vacation

Pounds, Euros and Dollars.

This much is known about the Major League Baseball plan to expand the brand. The Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals will play games in London, England in 2020. What is also known is that Major League Baseball does not plan to open the season with games in Japan. It probably doesn’t matter all that much to MLB skipping Japan in 2020. Baseball in Japan is well entrenched going back to 1913 as the Chicago White Sox and the New York Giants were part of a Japanese baseball promotion. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics will include baseball. Major League Baseball gets players from Japan and other Asian countries. MLB has targeted Europe and it is somewhat surprising that Amsterdam has not been discussed as a possible venue. There was some talk about six years ago that Amsterdam might make some sense for MLB as there is an established league in the Netherlands but other than some talk nothing ever materialized. Major League Baseball followed the National Football League, the National Basketball Association and the National Hockey League in putting regular season games in London. 

The NFL has scheduled four London games in a five week stretch in October and November. The National Basketball Association has no plans for a London 2019-2020 game and has moved its annual mid-season European game to Paris. The NHL seems to have given up on London and has not played a game in England since 2007. The NHL is not giving up on Europe.  There will be preseason games in Germany and Switzerland. Chicago and Philadelphia will open the season in Prague, The Czech Republic. There will also be a regular season game in Stockholm. Baseball is strong in Latin America, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Australia. Baseball is relatively obscure in England and Europe but MLB wants that to change.