Major League Baseball Is Not Adding Teams Anytime Soon 

Pressing issues not expansion on the table.  

If you read between the lines, Major League Baseball is going to have 30 teams for the foreseeable future. There will not be any expansion to Portland, Oregon or Nashville or Monterey, Mexico anytime before 2028 and at that point there may be another collective bargaining agreement that will have to be hammered out between the owners and the players. Major League Baseball has contraction of minor league cities first and foremost on the agenda.  Major League Baseball wants 42 cities gone and some of those cities might be needed if there was a Major League Baseball expansion. The addition of two Major League teams would create the need for two Triple A teams, two Double A teams and four Class A teams and assuming the status quo remains, short season entry-level Minor-League franchises. Major League Baseball wants to rid itself of 42 minor league teams, that does not indicate that Major League Baseball is in a growth period.

Major League Baseball is committed to fix stadium problems in Oakland and in St. Petersburg, Florida. Oakland may have a stadium solution sometime in 2020. There is no clear path to resolving the Tampa Bay Rays stadium problem. There was and probably still is a plan on the table for the Rays to split home games between Montreal and the Tampa Bay market whether that is in Tampa or St. Petersburg. But there is a need of getting new stadiums in all three places and Rays ownership has eight years left on its present lease in St. Petersburg. It may take a decade to figure out what to do with the franchise. Rays owner Stu Sternburg is not convinced Montreal or Tampa Bay has enough money to support a full-time franchise. There are people in Nashville, Portland and other locales who want a Major League Baseball team. Expansion is not happening.