What Sign Stealing Scam Disgrace? Palm Beach Allocates Money For A Jupiter Stadium Renovation

Money people are still investing in baseball.  

Some baseball consumers are irate over the sign stealing practices by the 2017 World Series Champions, the Houston Astros and the 2018 World Series Champions, the Boston Red Sox. The Commissioner Rob Manfred suspended the Houston GM and a manger and the Red Sox and Mets parted with their managers who were part of the 2017 Houston team. But this latest stain on Major League Baseball is not stopping the money people from investing in the industry. Jupiter, Florida is the spring training home of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins. Jupiter has an aging stadium that is 22 years old which in this day and age is ancient. Apparently both the St. Louis and Miami ownerships like Jupiter but they want the stadium renovated. The Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners decided in December while MLB was investigation the sign stealing caper to fix up the stadium. Money talks and the commissioners were not worried about whatever happened in Houston. They allocated $108 million to go to the project. After all, they think they will get that back from fans going to Jupiter to watch five or six weeks of baseball, spending money at places other than the park and it will be a money maker for everyone.

How will Palm Beach County pay for a private business or in this case two private businesses that want more space for things like weight rooms and team stores? Tourist taxes. About $75 million coming over a 25-year period and more money coming from the state of Florida. Palm Beach County also invested in a spring training stadium for the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros. It appears no one in public office who agreed to fund the Astros-Nationals spring training facility wants money back because Houston rigged up a sign stealing scheme. The money people don’t care.

. (AP Photo/Michael Wyke)