MLB Owners Need Protection From Snooping Outsiders

The owners want total control

The Barons of Baseball have decided that they want to wrest control of the game from players, fans and maybe even local politicians who want to stand in their way of doing things. Major League Baseball owners have incurred the wrath of some members of Congress with a plan to reduce the number of teams in Minor League Baseball by 42 franchises. Still MLB will make demands of minor league baseball owners to push local politicians in various cities to puny up public funds to renovate an existing facility or get a new ballpark built. Just how many local politicians will bow to the lords of the diamonds remains to be seen but the politicians should ask themselves can Major League Baseball owners be trusted. Apparently Major League Baseball owners need security in the form of off duty police officers to guard them at this year’s minor league baseball meetings to shield them from perhaps answering a question about their minor league plans or the upcoming collective bargaining talks with the players.

The players are in the owners’ crosshairs if the Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred is to be believed. The owners want to change baseball’s economic system and that means a hardline stance on economic issues. The collective bargaining agreement ends after the 2021 season. The minor league player development contract is done after 2020 and that may become a serious baseball industry problem in 2020. There will be a trust issue with politicians and some members of Congress who could remind the baseball owners that what is left of the 1922 Supreme Court decision that gave baseball an antitrust exemption and gave them the right to operate as a monopoly could be taken away. Minor League Baseball operators and various municipalities could make MLB owners’ lives miserable in court if the antitrust exemption goes away.