Manfred Not Ruling Out Neutral Site World Series

Northern and Midwest cities do not bother applying.

If baseball fans went to the polls in Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred’s bid for re-election, it is highly likely that Manfred would lose in a landslide. His body of work includes leading the charge to eliminate more than 40 minor league baseball teams in a cost saving measure for his bosses, the 30 Major League Baseball owners. Manfred does not have to worry about the fans, they don’t count in his job. He has to carry out orders from his bosses and that includes lobbying for new stadiums in Oakland, and Tampa or Montreal and to continue to bring in revenue. That could mean putting the World Series out to bid to cities that might want a week to 10-day event. That would annoy local baseball fans and local politicians who put up public money to build facilities but putting a World Series up for bid could enrich owners and Major League Baseball dabbled in a World Series bubble in Arlington, Texas.

Manfred told the Daily, an anchored World Series is something worth pondering. “You should always think about innovation. I wouldn’t say a neutral-site World Series is completely off the table. There were things that we saw in Texas that were advantages for us. You can plan. You can take out travel. You can pick sites that eliminate weather problems. Those are all things worthy of conversation and discussion. I think the big on the scale in favor of our traditional format, the thing that really matters at the end of the day, are fans in home markets.” Yes, those pesky people who support teams in home markets would be an obstacle. No weather problems because the Northeast and Midwest would never be chosen to host games. MLB doesn’t care about fans unless they are customers with disposable money.

Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred takes questions about the Houston Astros during a news conference at the Atlanta Braves’ spring training facility Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020, in North Port, Fla. (Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)