Cardinals, Marlins Owners Put Jupiter Stadium Renovations On Pause

Money, money, money.


It is back to the drawing board in Jupiter, Florida for the owners of the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins and local officials who are discussing how to proceed with plans to renovate the spring training complex in the town. The two baseball businesses that share the Jupiter stadium have decided to step away from negotiations for the time being and review options. The two teams are obligated to play at the Jupiter ballpark through 2027. The Jupiter ballpark also hosts two Class A Florida State League teams.

The Jupiter ballpark opened in 1998 and needs more than just a minor facelift according to the Cardinals and Marlins ownership. There is a new stadium down the road in West Palm Beach which features all of the revenue generating gadgets of a new facility. In Jupiter, the problem starts with a lack of parking space. The plan was to spend about $100 million and the improvements would include larger clubhouses for the two teams along with new seating, a new scoreboard and more areas to sell merchandise. The Palm Beach County Tourism Development Council was expecting to get $50 million in state aid and county tourism taxes from hotels and motels stays would also be used for the renovations. Some money would come from the Cardinals and the Marlins owners. The Palm Beach County Tourism Development Council is also reviewing another big money project, an expansion of the Palm Beach Convention Center which could end up costing $100 million. There is only so much money that is available from the tourism tax, and the stadium and convention center renovations could cause local officials to struggle to find money for other projects. Palm Beach County has invested $113 million into the West Palm Beach spring training facility that opened in 2017 and is used by Houston and Washington. Spring training isn’t cheap.

Jupiter spring training.