MLB Heads To The Finish Line

MLB got the season in.

Major League Baseball is getting to the 2020 season finish line despite the COVID-19 crisis. The World Series is nearing the end as the United States is going through another surge in cases. MLB wanted the season done by November 1st because of the threat of another surge. Now it is onto 2021 planning. But at least one Los Angeles Dodgers investor does not think MLB will be able to get anything that resembles a normal season done in 2021. Todd Boehly said “I think we’re looking for 2022 to start to feel normal again, while we work through this in 2021.” The this is COVID-19 and while Major League Baseball has some time, November, December and January to figure out 2021, it does not seem that this, COVID-19, will magically disappear by the beginning of the start of Spring Training in Florida and Arizona in February.

There could be a vaccine ready by February but that does not mean the vaccine will be readily available for people connected to Major League Baseball or baseball fans by that point. The United States and Canada need to first approve a vaccine or vaccines for COVID-19 then set up a supply chain and make sure there are enough syringes and vials and how the vaccine is transported and stored. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred and the 30 owners want people in the stands to watch the product. But that depends on factors Major League Baseball cannot control. A vaccine, COVID-19 treatments, stopping community spread and having health officials allowing people at MLB parks. The business of Major League Baseball can make all the on-field rule changes to make the game more interesting but none of that matters until COVID-19 is contained. The 2021 season is scheduled to start in March with COVID-19 hanging around.

Tampa Bay Rays starting pitcher Charlie Morton . (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez