Nashville Money Man Wants A Major League Baseball Team

MLB is not expanding quite yet.

Major League Baseball has no immediate plans to add teams as the business first has to settle a number of problems including getting new stadiums in Oakland and the Tampa Bay markets for existing local franchises and also agreeing to a new collective bargaining deal between the owners and players. But MLB is thinking ahead and there apparently will be a meeting with John Loar, who wants to bring a Major League Baseball team to Nashville and former United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, who is part of Loar’s management team, and Major League Baseball officials.  It seems the purpose of the gathering is hi, we are Nashville and we want a team and here’s what we got planned. Thank you very much for letting us say hello.

Loar is kicking the tires and trying to figure out if Nashville has the right stuff to land a Major League Baseball team. Loar is of the belief that Major League Baseball will expand and that either Charlotte or Nashville will get an expansion team. Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred has been saying for the better part of the last calendar year that there are cities that could have a team including Nashville. But Nashville has some obstacles, there is no baseball stadium, the city is funding the construction of a Major League Soccer stadium. Nashville is a small to midsized market and has an NFL, an NHL and an incoming MLS franchise. Nashville is adding somewhere between 94 and 100 residents daily so the city is growing. There is no competition for an expansion or relocation slot at the moment. Manfred said in July 2018 that he felt Portland, Oregon, Las Vegas, Charlotte, Nashville, Montreal, Vancouver and some Mexican cities might make sense as potential markets. But there are problems at hand that need solutions before there is Major League Baseball expansion.

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