MLB Plans Stops In London, England And Dyersville, Iowa In 2020

No Tokyo stop in 2020.

It is the last half of the month of August and Major League Baseball is putting the finishing touches on the 2020 regular season schedule. MLB is going back to London in 2020 with two major rivals, the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis, giving up home games in an attempt to grow the game in Europe. London and England are going through a battle with the European continent in the Brexit talks and London may eventually not be the financial capital it presently is in the future but that is not a concern. Someone in London wants Major League Baseball and MLB wants London. Major League Baseball is also going to Dyersville, Iowa and hoping to capitalize on a gimmick. The New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox will play a game at a specially constructed 8,000 seat stadium near a farm where the movie Field of Dreams was shot in 1988. The movie Field of Dreams was based on a book called Shoeless Joe, a fictional novel. The same Shoeless Joe, Joe Jackson, who was banned from baseball in 1921 for taking part in the throwing of the 1919 World Series by eight Chicago White Sox players.

Major League Baseball is looking to expand its footprint. One area that MLB will not visit in 2020 is Japan. But there is the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics and baseball will be played at the Games for the first time since 2008. The six-team baseball field for the Olympics will be decided through tournaments that end in February, 2020. Japan is guaranteed a spot in the Tokyo Games. Major League Baseball will not allow any of its players and selected minor leagues to participate in the Tokyo Games. Baseball, which is very popular in Japan, will not be played in the 2024 Paris Games. France is not baseball territory.