J. D. Martinez Thinks Baseball Has Suffered An Embarrassing Off Season

And Mike Trout got paid too!



The Major League Baseball season begins with Seattle and Oakland playing in Tokyo, Japan and Manny Machado and Bryce Harper have gotten hundreds of millions of dollars in their latest contracts to play in San Diego and Philadelphia respectively. There was a time about a month ago when the whole world, well maybe select baseball fans and baseball players were watching and getting upset with the snail like pace it took for Machado and Harper to get their riches. One player J. D. Martinez, who is in the second year of a five year deal with Boston that will eventually pay him about $110 million said for him, seeing the drawn out process that Machado and Harper went through before putting their names on the dotted line was embarrassing for baseball given that baseball owners are enjoying record revenues flowing into the industry.

It may be time for a reality check for Martinez and all of the other players in Major League Baseball who are carping about the owners who are getting stingy while offering multimillion contracts. Martinez is 31 years old. He is a multimillionaire with a guaranteed income for another four years. He is financially set. Unlike many 31 year olds in the real world, Martinez doesn’t have to worry about student loans or living three or four to an apartment because real estate prices in many Major League markets is so high. Martinez’s peers are the ones owners want at baseball games yet many cannot afford to pay big ticket prices and instead baseball wants a corporate not a blue collar crowd inside stadiums. The blue collar fans are welcome to watch a game on television and pay for that through cable TV or a baseball package. Major League Baseball owners and Major League Baseball players are tinkering with the game to get Martinez’s peers to watch. Complaining about money doesn’t help.


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