Major League Baseball Wants To Modernize

Bringing a 19th century game into the 21st century.




Baseball traditionalists and purists are not going to like this. Major League Baseball owners will be tinkering with the game and try to bring a 19th century game into the 21st century. Baseball is a slow moving game and while that is fine with older baseball fans, younger people seemingly have turned their backs on the game that was part of the America culture which was celebrated in literature, poems, vaudeville, song, movies, radio, comedy, cartoons and television. Arizona Diamondbacks Managing General Partner Ken Kendrick sounded the alarm by saying. “The absence of a clock is both a blessing and a curse. It’s more the pace of how the game flows and there are times when it doesn’t flow well. It’s our responsibility to the fans to try to help that.”

Could Major League Baseball be looking at a gimmick like the shootout in the National Hockey League to decide a game? Maybe. The most radical change being considered probably will send the traditionalists through the roof. The Minor League Baseball’s lowest level rookie’s circuits have experimented with placing a runner second base once a game reaches 10 innings. Arizona and Golf Coast League extra-innings games were reduced by 16 minutes on average. One other thing that may not make traditionalists happy is that all 30 Major League teams will extend the protective netting behind home plate to the end of the dugouts. Major League Baseball has seen fans seriously injured being hit with bats and balls flying into the stands. The players association claimed in collective bargaining negotiations that they told the owners that fans who sit near the field need more protection from foul balls and broken bats and netting should extend down to the foul poles. The players said the owners said no. Because of injuries and lawsuits, there is more netting. Baseball is changing.

Houston Astros’ Justin Verlander hugs Jose Altuve after Game 7 of baseball’s American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017, in Houston. The Astros won 4-0 to win the series. Photo: AP Photo/Eric Christian Smith.