Minor League Baseball Operators Have Little Regard For Players

Playing football was better for Russell Wilson than flipping burgers at a fast food chain which apprently is a better career option for minor league players.




Minor League Baseball players are back to work with the ultimate goal of making it into The Show, Major League Baseball. But it seems that the players work for minor league executives who just look at them as cannon fodder, nameless, faceless people who put on a uniform who are just lowly interns who happen to play baseball and get poverty line wages. Some players have tried to force minor league baseball operators to pay them minimum wage and have failed. There are members of Congress who have backed up the minor league operators.  It seems that the President of Minor League Baseball Patrick O’Connor has no problem in keeping salaries down and also reminding the players who is the boss. Last December in an interview with Baseball America, O’Connor re-enforced the notion that while the players should get some money, they should not get a minimum wage.

O’Connor does not think the players deserve a minimum wage. He added putting the players into the Fair Labor Standards Act protected position where they’re entitled to minimum wage and overtime is complicated. Both Major League and Minor League Baseball executives feel that minor league players are little more than apprentices or interns. O’Connor does admit people flipping burgers at a fast food place make more money than minor leaguers. But fast food employees may work harder. O’Connor told Baseball America.  “OK, you come in at 2:00. You don’t have to be there till 3:00, but you come in at 2:00. From 2:00-3:00, you play cards. And at 3:00 you go out for infield or extra hitting or whatever, and then you come back and you take an hour. While the other team’s hitting, you take an hour and you get a sandwich that I pay for and you eat it. Are you working?” O’Connor does not think minor league players have a profession. Baseball executives really don’t like minor league players.


Aaron Judge was a seasonal worker.