A’s And Oakland Officials Try Another Approach In Stadium Search

Back to the drawing board.


It appears Oakland A’s ownership is going back to square one and possibly build a baseball park somewhere near the Oakland Coliseum in the sports complex that holds a stadium and an arena. A’s ownership is ready to assume the debt on the entities within the sports complex which include the stadium and the arena that the NBA’s Golden State Warriors ownership plan to leave in 2019 for a new home in San Francisco. The debt is said to be about $135 million. Oakland officials could not get around the debt when the city tried to negotiate a new stadium deal for the NFL Raiders. The Raiders ownership simply did not want to hear about Oakland’s plan to have the football business pay off the Coliseum debt as part of building a new Oakland football facility. Mark Davis took a Las Vegas deal and will move his team to Nevada by 2020.

A’s ownership has struck out at an attempt to secure land near a college and the Howard Terminal proposal is just that a proposal. The A’s and the city along with other agencies can talk about the A’s proposal but there is nothing set in stone other than the let’s talk and see if we can work out something at the Coliseum site or perhaps the Howard Terminal property. Various A’s owners have spent the past four decades looking for a new ballpark. Charlie Finley sold the team to Denver interests about four decades ago but the deal fell through. A’s owners looked at San Jose for a solution but that is San Francisco Giants territory even though Oakland is closer to San Francisco than San Jose and a court upheld the Giants territorial rights because of the 1922 Supreme Court Of the United States decision that gave baseball an antitrust exemption. A stadium proposal in Freemont fell through. It’s back to the drawing board for the A’s.

Bob Welch


The A’s have been looking to get out of the Oakland Coliseum for nearly four decades.