Social Media Winners and Losers of MLB Trade Deadline

Rays ace David Price was traded to the Detroit Tigers today.

Twitter is a great source for breaking news, especially long-term developing news such as the MLB trade deadline. Even for stories that are just a “one tweet and one” kind of deal. But every trade deadline there are fake accounts just trying to cause a ruckus. And those fake accounts get the better of some people.

However, I’ve never quite seen a situation where a member of the media got tricked out of his own Twitter account. Yet, that’s exactly what happened to Jim Bowden from ESPN. The former Reds and Nationals GM literally got tricked out of his account during a series of odd events.

It all started when a fake Joel Sherman (from the New York Post) account tweeted that Marlon Byrd was going to the Yankees in a trade. It got retweeted because people are idiots and are quick to assume that account was the real Joel Sherman.

Along comes Jim Bowden, who seems to confirm the news.

Jim Bowden tweet

A half hour later, Bowden’s Twitter handle changed to @JimBowdiv, and it had that just-signed-up newbie egg for a thumbnail. Nowhere does the handle mention ESPN or XM, like his old one.

Jim Bowden fake twitter

What’s interesting is that when he changed it, it left his old “official” handle wide open for the taking. Someone claimed it. And that someone has a sense of humor.

They also changed his “Jim Bowden” name on his actual account to “Ralph.”

Now I don’t know what’s in the water here (which is actually really bad joke considering the current news), but the FOX affiliate in Tampa, Fox 13, has a really bad sense of humor when it comes to their expressions for David Price being traded to the Detroit Tigers this afternoon. They tweeted (and later deleted) this tweet.

FOX 13

Later, the Detroit FOX affiliate replied.

And later, FOX 13 replied again, with an apology including a meme that signifies a spit in the face. Gotta wonder if they’re even sorry.

The winner perhaps, would be Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. He saw an account posing as him and retweeted it, telling his loyal followers to report it. It got suspended. And he broke the David Price news.