A’s Still Looking For A New Oakland Ballpark

Oakland A’s ownership wants a new stadium in Oakland.



The new year starts out in Oakland with Major League Baseball’s A’s still playing for the foreseeable future in the city’s Coliseum while the NFL Raiders and the NBA Warriors are just about out the door waiting for new homes elsewhere. The Mark Davis Raiders will move to Las Vegas and the NBA team will head across the bay to San Francisco. A’s ownership wanted to leave as well but was blocked from getting a piece of land for a stadium in Oakland near Laney College so it is back to the drawing board.

The baseball team is running out of Oakland options. There was a thought that property near Jack London Square could present an opportunity and the Howard Terminal area would be a good place to build a baseball park. That didn’t work out. There is plenty of room to build a new stadium at the team’s present site near the Oakland Coliseum. Former lead owner Lew Wolff did pitch a stadium village on the site. Wolff also wanted to move the team down the I-880 to Fremont and was interested in San Jose but the San Francisco Giants franchise had territorial rights to San Jose and Wolff got nowhere and a court backed up the Giants claim. San Jose made sense, it is close to the Silicon Valley and corporate money. San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland are all part of the same TV market which is shared by the Giants and A’s. The Giants and A’s have had an uneasy relationship since Charles Finley moved his A’s from Kansas City to Oakland after the 1967 season. Both franchises had owners ready to move the business over the decades, Giants ownership struck out in getting a ballpark built in San Jose but somehow the Giants claim the territory. The A’s ballpark problem continues with no real solution in sight.


San Francisco Giants ownership is not being a kind neighbor.