The Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim Will Stay In Anaheim Through 2020

Moreno just wants more revenue.


Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim owner Arte Moreno has some maneuverability in his stadium negotiations with Anaheim or some other city in that he has a baseball home for two years. The Anaheim city council decided to extend Moreno’s lease by a year and Moreno will stay at his Anaheim home base through 2020. More than likely Moreno needs a home through 2022 if he decides to get out of the Anaheim stadium because there is no other option if he decides to leave Orange County and California for some other local. No stadium will be available until 2023 if stadium timelines for building are proof of past history. It is rather hard to believe Moreno would leave the area, people flock out to the park to see his product and he gets $150 million a year from local cable TV. He is not going to replicate that TV deal in Montreal, Portland, Nashville, Charlotte or San Antonio. He seems to have local corporate support.

Former Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait was an obstacle in the Angels ownership’s desire to upgrade the city stadium which is 53 years old and has undergone major renovations over the decades. The Angels’ management and Tait broke off renovation talks in 2013. Moreno looked at Tustin, which is about eight miles from Anaheim, as a possible landing spot for his team. But Tustin elected officials said no to funding a 37,000-seat stadium and Moreno returned to Anaheim hoping to strike a deal. In the past Moreno has looked at sites in Los Angeles, Carson and Irvine. Moreno’s business has a streak of 16 years of drawing three million or more customers. Major League Baseball and its 30 franchises are businesses first and foremost, fan loyalty means nothing, it’s the owner’s team.