The World Series And TV’s Sweeps Month

Playoff time!



Most people who are watching the 2018 World Series really don’t care about TV ratings. They have an interest in the event because they are baseball fans or people who might to know what is happening so they can talk about it at home, at work or at a social function. But there are those at TV networks that will watch the ratings very closely because it means money. The World Series gets very important to FOX and TV competitors, NBC, CBS and ABC because it is TV sweeps month. The World Series of TV began on October 25 and ratings matter now more than they did for the first two games of the World Series. FOX will more than likely win the viewership contest with games three and four of the World Series and additional games are better for FOX. The network has a chance at winning five nights of the period that ends on November 21. Baseball ratings have fallen dramatically and baseball appeals to an older viewer which is a problem for the suits that run both the game and the TV portion of the business. Major League Baseball officials know that and that’s why they are attempting to modernize a 19th century game for a 21st century audience.

In 2015, then CBS head Leslie Moonves was rooting for the Mets but he knew business wise he knew it would be better if Kansas City finished off the New York in four games. “There’s a part of me, even though I’m an old-school Mets fan, competitively, wants the series over in four. I don’t want Fox to get three more of those great numbers.” A longer World Series means more ad revenues for FOX affiliates less for CBS and the other networks affiliates. November, February and May are ratings exams that set ad prices.

Boston Red Sox’s Mitch Moreland, left, celebrates with Eduardo Nunez after Game 1 of the World Series baseball game Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2018, in Boston. The Red Sox won 8-4 to take a 1-0 lead in the series. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)