Tuck: MLB All-Star Starters

Here is who I think should start the mid-summer classic this year.


C Yadier Molina

1B Paul Goldschmidt

2B Brandon Phillips

SS Jean Segura

3B David Wright

OF Carlos Gonzalez

OF Andrew McCutchen

OF Carlos Beltran

SP Clayton Kershaw

1B is unbelievably stacked, and someone is going to get left off that deserves to be there.  Allen Craig, Freddie Freeman, and Joey Votto are all worthy of starting.  OF is the same way.  CarGo is a lock, but there are another 8 OF that could make a claim, not to mention players like Yasiel Puig and Bryce Harper that missed large chunks of time.  I am okay with Troy Tulowitzki being named starting SS, but I didn’t bother because he is hurt and can’t play.  I won’t be mad if the hometown player, Matt Harvey is named starter.  It’s worth mentioning though that: 1000 innings minimum, at least 100 starts, MLB history, Clayton Kershaw has the lowest ERA…EVER.


C Joe Mauer

1B Chris Davis

2B Robinson Cano

SS JJ Hardy

3B Miguel Cabrera

OF Mike Trout

OF Adam Jones

OF Nelson Cruz

SP Max Scherzer

2B is a dogfight, but I give a slight edge to Cano over Pedroia and Kipnis.  3B is loaded with Longoria, Donaldson, Beltre, and Machado, but Miggy is the obvious choice.  OF isn’t nearly as deep or difficult to decide in the AL.  I would have gone Yu Darvish most of the year as the starting pitcher, but I can’t ignore 13-0.