Two Seventy Plus Year Olds Arguing About The Hall Of Fame Does Not Help Baseball With Young People

Typical baseball running down the product.


Nothing quite says we are trying to get more young people interested in buying tickets to baseball games and having them also watch on TV than a fight between a 79-year-old man and a 74-year-old man about who belongs in the Cooperstown, New York baseball hall of fame. The 74-year-old man in this case is Joe Morgan, a member of the hall of fame who sent a letter to the people who vote on this award, veteran baseball newspaper writers imploring them not to vote for players who have been accused of using steroids. Morgan’s letter was not kindly received by the 79-year-old man Willie McCovey who is also a member of the Cooperstown shrine. McCovey said of the letter meant to influence voters, “you’re naïve if you don’t think it was aimed at Barry.” The Barry in this case is Barry Bonds whose name appeared in the 2007 Mitchell report that was crafted by former United States Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell in the investigation of performance enhancement usage in baseball.

Morgan said steroids users were cheaters. Morgan is wrong. They are lawbreakers according to United States laws. Newspaper writers should never vote on any awards. They are reporters not judges. Morgan continues baseball’s practice of running down the players. Generations ago, baseball was king but baseball has lost popularity. People like Morgan cling to days that are lionized. Older fans agree. But that thinking is not good in attracting young people to follow the game because young people don’t care about steroids or baseball history. No other sport constantly rehashes steroids usage by players. Here is another thing for Morgan, politicians, TV executives and corporate partners don’t care as they keep spending money and investing in baseball.  One more thing, baseball may do a mini-series, Babe Ruth bad guy to attract young fans.

Baseball is trying to market a TV mini-series about the Babe, bad guy.