Nashville Keeps Knocking On A Closed MLB Door 

Building an organization.  

Major League Baseball is not planning to expand anytime soon. Major League Baseball just wants to get through its 2020 shorted-season and the playoffs and World Series. But there are people in Nashville who seem to think that MLB will be expanding to 32 teams soon and local Nashville investors keep thinking that if you put together an ownership group, Major League Baseball will not only listen but will give you a team. Nashville has added entertainer Justin Timberlake to its roster of baseball people and others who want to bring a Major League Baseball team to Nashville. It would seem expansion is the farthest thing from MLB’s collective minds. Getting through the playoffs without a COVID-19 outbreak in a country that has not contained the illness is first and foremost on the agenda. Then there is the what to do with the minor leagues question. The MLB-Minor League Baseball development contract runs out at the end of the month. That decision will probably change player development as the minor leagues could have 42 less teams as summer rookie leagues will be disbanded.

Major League Baseball will have to go ahead and assume there will be a normal 2021 season with spring training facilities operating in Florida and Arizona next February. It is unknown whether there will be a working vaccine or effective treatments for COVID-19 that will be available when the 2021 training camp starts. Major League Baseball owners and its players also have to hammer out a new collective bargaining agreement after the 2021 season and if the 2020 negotiations to get a COVID-19 shorted scheduled season were any indication, the owners and players may have a big fight ahead. But Nashville investors keep on adding people to the Nashville Stars ownership group and management team even though there is no indication Major League Baseball wants them.