Oakland A’s Ownership Could Not Get All Of It’s Off Season Projects Done

Streaming to the future.



It has been an off season of not quite getting to the finish line for the Oakland A’s ownership group for a couple of projects. The ownership group had hoped to finally find a suitable place to build a modern stadium with all of the money revenue gadgets that teams, such as the San Francisco Giants ownership have on the other side of the San Francisco Bay. A’s ownership has some Oakland sites in mind but this is also a franchise that struck out in its attempts to build a facility in Oakland, in San Jose and in Fremont along with land within and near the Oakland Coliseum complex.  The A’s ownership has made announcements that a new stadium will be built for almost two decades.

Oakland A’s ownership might also be trying something new in delivering an audio presentation of games in terms of Major League Baseball. The team may rely more on streaming the games than radio. If the A’s ownership goes in that direction, it will join the National Hockey League’s Los Angeles Kings, New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders, three franchises that depend on streaming. The A’s ownership apparently looked into buying a local radio station but was unable to do a deal. “We need to look at this in an innovative way,” A’s President Dave Kaval told The San Francisco Chronicle. “Terrestrial radio is kind of dying and we need to look long-term at how you get in front of people with audio. There is still going to be an audio feed of the game, the way there is with traditional radio, but there are going to be many ways people can consume that and we want to provide options to achieve that in multiple ways.” Baseball’s relationship with radio is almost 98 years old. A’s ownership might change an old marriage.