7-9 Seahawks bring no shame to NFL playoffs

Worry not Seattle, your Seahawks did what they needed to do earn a playoff spot in 2010.  It was historic, as Seattle because the first sub-.500 team to advance into the postseason.  But let’s not act as if the Seahawks or the NFL has egg on it’s face today.

The NBA repeatedly puts in multiple sub-.500 teams in their postseason.  Bowl games push 6-6 teams every year.  College basketball has had below .500 teams win conference tournaments to play in the big dance.

My point, although what Seattle did was a first, it’s hardly a big deal.  In fact, I’d argue in the NFL has had more shameful things happen to it’s postseason.

9 times in history an 8-8 team made the playoffs.  But, believe it or not, twice, 2004 and 1999, TWO 8-8 teams made the playoffs in the same year!

For those that aren’t mathematicians, 8-8 is just a game ahead of 7-9.  Let’s not act like the league hasn’t dealt with similar circumstances before.

I don’t think the Seattle Seahawks are very good, but they made the playoffs following the rules the NFL laid out.  In fact, more math for you: it is actually possible to make the NFL playoffs finishing 3-13.  You’d have to see a division lose every game outside of itself, and then the four teams split their six games against each other.  So, for those of you who think 7-9 is as bad as it can get; it could actually be much worse.  Unlikely, but possible.

Some other thoughts about the final NFL weekend:

The Raiders becoming the first team since the NFL merger to go unbeaten (6-0) in their division and not making the playoffs is hysterical.

The Dolphins going 6-2 on the road and 1-7 at home is also hilarious.  At least I am laughing to keep from crying.

I wonder if Jay Cutler (who was punished and sacked 6 times) thinks playing starters for the entire game in a game that meant nothing was worth it?  After all, being scared of the Packers doesn’t fly by me because Chicago wouldn’t even play them until the NFC Title game, and that would be at home!

Congrats on a HOF career Brett Favre.  There should be no dissenting votes against him for the Hall of Fame, PERIOD.  And his story is just another reminder: There is no such thing as a happy ending, otherwise why would we want happiness to end?

Raheem Morris, Josh Freeman, and the Bucs: You were the biggest surprise of the year for me.  Amazing young football team that Atlanta and New Orleans will have to worry about moving forward.

Bill Belichick.  May not like him much, but he was the coach of the year in a year with many great candidates.  14-2 with Tom Brady, nobodies around him, and a sucking the on pacifier still defense is nothing short of incredible.

And it should go without saying, Tom Brady is the MVP.  Not even close.

I am not sure if Tim Tebow is the answer for the Broncos…but I am not sure if he isn’t.

I am positive Sam Bradford is the answer for the Rams.  He’ll win Off ROY, but it should be close over the Buc’s Mike Williams and his 11 TD catches.

Ndamukong Suh is a monster.  Easy choice for Def ROY.

Arian Foster.  Only the second undrafted player ever to win an NFL rushing title.  And like Priest Holmes before him, he looks pretty legit to keep up the stellar play.

Brandon Lloyd.  Leading the NFL in receiving and making one highlight reel catch every week doing it.  Heck of a comeback story.

I am not picking any of the wild-card games yet, but I will repeat what I’ve been saying for about a month: I won’t be surprised to see anyone in the AFC win the conference.  New England is a deserving favorite, but Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Kansas City, and New York are all capable of beating each other.

There is not a flawless team in the league this year.  We knew that pretty early though I think.