Super 6 Series Nationals This Weekend

The Super 6 is newly sanctioned organization, that is considered to be the fastest growing basketball tournament organization in the state of Florida. Tournaments for the Super 6 organization takes place in cities such as Tampa, Orlando, South Florida, Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, GA. Their motto is to keep kids playing the game at the most affordable cost of $99 for at minimum of 3 games.

As the Vice President and as a coach for the organization Brandon Bolts I understand like most other organizations that AAU is king and will always be king in terms of Amateur basketball. For High schoolers, especially AAU, NCAA Certified events such as EYBL, Adidas Gauntlet, Under Armour, etc provides the highest level of exposure for your athletes, but I am firm believer there is a level for everyone. Super 6 provides an opportunity for kids who truly just need more game reps and real life competition at a more affordable cost for the organization. There are other organizations such as US Amateur, YBOA, USSSA and AAU that my club supports as well, but usually, those tournaments cost on average $325 and above. The value of Super 6 for teams and organizations establishing first year teams that truly just need games for chemistry that are not necessarily focused on winning trophies right away or going to all the bigger name or expensive tournaments and is it also a great way for established teams to get extra games for an affordable cost.

This weekend the Super 6 is hosting its Nationals, which consists of a compilation of teams who have played in their previous regional events. Participating in this event will boys/girls middle school and high school. Games will take place at Gladden Park Rec Center (St.Petersburg), Highland Rec. Complex (Largo, FL), North Greenwood Rec Center (Clearwater) and Shorecrest Preparatory School (St. Petersburg). The schedule for this weekend can be found at The Super 6 also has an app, search “super6” for schedule, venues, up to date scores and ability to receive notifications on particular teams. The cost to attend is $15 for the day and the event accepts Debit/Credit Cards only, but concessions do accept cash.