Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer not a good fit for the Miami Dolphins

Carson Palmer used to be a top flight quarteback in the NFL.  He is no longer.  He might be just first sexy name we’ll hear this offseason of a once-good quarterback looking for a home.  Easy to connect the Miami Dolphins to him or others considering their situation.
Palmer just doesn’t have it anymore though.  In fact, I’d argue the former #1 overall pick was never that great to begin with.  He had one outstanding season, followed by a pretty good one.  That is pretty the extent of it.  He threw 20 INT last year, the second time he’s had that many in his career.  He threw some really terrible passes last year too, some that were mind-numbing interceptions, others that missed wide-open targets completely.
Many people may blame the organization for which Palmer plays.  The Bengals are widely considered one of the worst franchises in sports.  For those of you blaming ownership for Carson Palmer’s demanding a trade, maybe you should think twice about that. Palmer was given a very lucrative contract making him one of the highest paid players in the NFL. Palmer has been given so much money by the Bengals he can actually contemplate retirement based on his fiscal situation. In addition, the Bengals have added a lot of talent based on recommendations by Palmer. These players include Laverneus Coles, Antonio Bryant and Terrell Owens. Not only have the Bengals used free agency to help Palmer, but they have also drafted numerous players to help the passing game. The 2010 draft saw the Bengals use 2 out of their first 3 picks on receiving talent.  The Bengals have given Palmer seemingly everything he would need to be successful. However, Palmer has underperformed since 2007, and was wildly inconsistent in both 2009 and 2010.
Is he the worst quarterback in the league?  No.  Is he better than Chad Henne?  Probably yes.  Is he a quarterback that can turn around a franchise though?  No.  He had his chance in his prime with the Bengals and failed.  He is now 31 years old, overpaid, and hasn’t been the same since tearing his ACL.  If the Bengals cut him, he would be an upgrade for many teams at the right price.  Miami might be included on that list.
But to think about trading for him would be idiotic.  Miami has wasted too many draft picks on bad quarterbacks in the last decade.  Why waste another?
Carson Palmer is average.  Sometimes he is not even that.  That tiger is not going to change his stripes and revert back to Pro Bowl form at this stage.