Food At Levi’s Stadium Sold Out Before Halftime

The people of Santa Clara, California witnessed the greatness of Peyton Manning in their spanking new stadium. That was about it. Their team didn’t have much to show for.

John Breech of wrote a rather funny recap of his experience at Levi’s Stadium Sunday afternoon.

The highlights?

The concessions weren’t prepared for the crowd, there were no bathroom lines and the fans didn’t care about the team’s poor performance because they were too occupied by the stadium’s glory. Oh, did we mention they ran out of food?

Here’s how Breech recounts it:

The biggest problem at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday was a food problem. As in, the stadium had sold out of several products BY THE SECOND QUARTER. As most people know, it’s hard to enjoy a football game without a Bao sampler platter and that’s what I had to try and do.

For people who live near stadiums that don’t offer Bao sampler platters, you get a plate that consists of Peking duck, pork belly and portobello mushroom. I ordered the platter in the second quarter, BUT IT WAS SOLD OUT. I had to settle for eating just duck ($10).

If you want ice cream, don’t even bother watching the game. Just it up Dairy Queen on the way home because the lines at Levi’s for ice cream were 40 minutes long, according to Breech.

The good news is once that food digests, there’s no bathroom lines for the men.

Seriously, I walked around the stadium looking for a long bathroom line and couldn’t find anything. Now, I didn’t go in any women’s restrooms because that’s illegal, but I did find a few fans on Twitter who said women had nice bathrooms.

Regarding the Bass Pro Shops, if you want 49er’s gear, just order it online.

I think all 68,500 people at the game decided to visit the Pro Shop at the same time.

But, he says the best part was when Peyton Manning tried to rush the ball.