Does Golf Need To Focus Less On Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson?

Ground Under Repair wonders if golf is stuck in its own recent past at the expense of its future

Golf is for everybody.

That is the motto of Sports Talk Florida’s new podcast Ground Under Repair. Host Tim Williams explains the mission of the podcast before getting into a preview of the Open Championship, and a discussion of a proposed ten million dollar grudge match.

To make the case that golf is not just for the social elite, Tim references Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore while going through PGA Tour history to recognize the many great golfers who came from more humble beginnings. If golf were truly closed off, Arnold Palmer could never have become who he became.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson playing in a ten million dollar match is an eye-catching headline, but is it really wise for golf to put all their eggs in a basket carried by two players in their forties who are nearing retirement? We all want Tiger and Phil to succeed, but maybe it’s time to shift the focus to younger golfers to prepare for a world after those two titans.

There is a feeling that the entire sport will take a hit when Tiger retires, and if that is indeed true it seems that nobody is doing much to fight that inevitability. Of course, if Tiger and Phil play for ten million dollars, it will inevitably be a lot of fun. Is Phil Mickelson the most celebrated gambler in recent memory? Did Tiger Woods’ friendship with Michael Jordan turn him into something closer to Jordan than we realize? There would not likely be any trash talk, but oh would the audience ever love some.

With the Open Championship coming soon, it’s as good a time as any to kick back and think for just a little bit about the ancient game.  This is Ground Under Repair.

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