Investors And A Bank Want To Reinvent Professional Golf

Can you reinvent the wheel?  

It is easy to say you want to start a new league. Vince McMahon has done it twice with the XFL in 2001 and 2020. There is a group that wants to start a professional golf league in 2022 or 2023 and the goal is to have 10 United States events along with eight others around the world. Where the teams could be placed is unknown. There is not much available in terms of just how the World Golf Group and a bank plan to put the venture together other than offering 12 players a piece of individual team ownerships. The goal is to get 48 players into the league from the PGA or other golf tours. The Premiere Golf League would be open to partnerships with the PGA and the other tours. Something that the PGA and the other tours probably will decline. There is no reason for the established groups to go into business with an upstart with some plan to put on some golf matches.

The World Golf Group, however, does plan to reinvent the wheel or just the golf world according to the league’s mission statement.  “If you want the world to watch, you have to showcase your best product, week-in-week-out. Golf doesn’t do that currently. If you had the chance to start again you wouldn’t create professional golf as it exists today. The league is that chance. We believe we’ll succeed because the league is what fans, sponsors and broadcasters want and the best players deserve. It will revitalize the sport for this and future generations.” The World Golf Group claims it has $240 million to offer in prize money and that would interest golfers. If there is real money available, the players might be open to the new league. New leagues have come and gone in sports. Only one group survived, baseball’s American League, others were absorbed into existing leagues.

Justin Thomas (AP Photo/Fernando Llano)