IndyCar Driver Simon Pagenaud: ‘Dedication Has No Limit When You Want To Win’

Simon Pagenaud On His Life As An IndyCar Driver And The St. Pete Grand Prix


Penske driver Simon Pagenaud joined Tom Veit today to talk about a day in the life of an IndyCar driver and his upcoming showing in the St. Pete Grand Prix.

People don’t realize the dedication and fitness it takes to be a race car driver nowadays. What’s your regiment for fitness and how you have to stay in shape?

“Yes it is. There’s obviously the physical training that is very demanding. I personally work in the gym 3 hours, 3 times a week, then another hour 3 times a week running and that’s the physical training. There’s also the mental training. You’re gonna be on the edge of your seat for 2 hours of racing so mentally you have to be in full control of your emotions. Mentally that takes a lot of training, a minimum of an hour every day. Then there’s some work on the simulator as well where you can help your coordination. It takes a lot of your time for sure but as any athlete, the dedication has no limit when you want to win.”

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