IndyCar In Mourning After Wilson’s Freak Accident


President of National Speed Sports News Ralph Sheheen joined the program today to talk Justin Wilson’s legacy and the tragedy that IndyCar is facing following Wilson’s passing.

Have you been able to make any sense of this?

“No you really can’t. And the reason being, this had nothing to do with anything Justin could have controlled from behind the wheel of a race car. His skills were taken out of the mix. It was a freak situation. It’s one of those things you could replay 1,000 times and it would never happen twice. it was just one of those things that went horribly, horribly wrong.”

This happened on turn 1 of lap 179 of 200. Things were closing down essentially. When you saw this happen, what went through your mind?

“Again, just that it’s unbelievable a piece of debris like that would come down on a car like that. It’s highly unusual that that type of situation would unfold the way it did. The IndyCars aren’t designed for pieces and parts to move away from the car. They’re done that way on purpose because it dissipates energy and with that you are making the other drivers safer… You don’t expect pieces and parts to impact another car the way it did here and that’s what’s unusual about this.”

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