IndyCar Racing: The Athleticism Is All About Endurance

IndyCar Driver Josef Newgarden On The Strategies Of Racing

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IndyCar driver Josef Newgarden joined Tom Veit on The Front Office today to talk about the St. Pete Grand Prix and what it takes to race and IndyCar.

Talk about the strategy to racing in IndyCar:

“So it’s different everywhere you go. Each track requires something diff. For IndyCar fuel saving is pretty important. You’re looking to go as fast as you can while saving as much fuel as you can… But really the best thing you can do in racing is start on the pole and try and run away. It doesn’t always work out that way because there’s cautions and things that can shuffle you back a little bit. So really taking care of fuel is a big strategy call for us. And then being heads up. Actually a lot of people need to be heads up. When you’re running with 25, 30 other drivers you need to know how each one races and what you can and can’t do against them. So that really plays into the strategy. You just have to know your competitors.”

Hear the whole conversation below:

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