People are crying out for a beatdown.  They want blood.

Gatornation feels as though Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin took some unnecessary jabs at their school.  At their coach.  And now its time for payback.

I am totally fine with that.  Between the lines.  During the game.  As long as it’s done a sportsmanship-type fashion.

I expect Florida to try to score early and often.  Actually that would make this game no different than any other.  I expect them to win.  And based on recent results and what I know of both the Gators and Vols, I’d expect it to be a big win for Florida.

But I hope they respect the game and their opponent.

I’ve heard too much joy when last year’s unsportsmanlike display of calling timeouts late in a game that had long since been decided against Georgia.  It was uncalled for.  It was childish.  And I hope Urban Meyer thinks it was a mistake in hindsight.

Most importanly I hope he learned something.  Be the bigger man.  Be the better man.

If you thought you were being disrespected the year before then show up and punish them on the field.  But do it and be classy about it.

If Urban and the Gators are really upset with Kiffin and the Vols, then deliver a butt-kicking and slam them into the turn of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.  But don’t rub their faces in it at the end.

Running up the score is a touchy subject and is viewed differently by different people.  Media and fans can have opinions about it, and they do.  But coaches should share an understanding of what is right and what is wrong.  They should show respect to each other and the game.  I am not sure Urban Meyer does or will.

I am hopeful if (when) Florida gets up big, that Urban Meyer calls off the dogs.  That he doesn’t show up or embarrass the Vols more than what is needed to win.  Please don’t listen to the mob calling for Kiffin’s head Urban.  You’re a champion.  Act like it.

Keep it classy Urban.  If you don’t, then you don’t I guess.  I would hope others would show you mercy when that day arrives when you’re on the wrong side of things, but as the old saying goes, what goes around, comes around.