Magic Roster

Nearing completion.  Like the Matt Barnes deal.  Good length, fair money, good enough player to help.  Depth chart still to be determined but certainly 4 starting spots are locked up.

PG Nelson  SG or SF Carter  SF or PF Lewis  C Howard

In all-likely-hood Lewis will remain as the PF.  Bass and/or Gortat could make a case for Stan to switch to a more standard lineup, but I just don’t think that is in the team’s best interest, at least not at this time.  Lewis provides the most difficult match-up playing that 4-spot, so I believe the Magic are more likely to stick with what worked for them last year, and at times bounce to a “normal” grouping throughout the game.  With that said, Anderson and Barnes could battle to start at SF and let Vince play 2.  Or Redick or Pietrus could start at the 2 and let Vince slide to 3.

My prediction is MP starts.  Him and Vince are inter-changeable at the 2/3 making switches easy.  Gives you great athleticism in your starting group.  MP was brought here to be a starter last year, but injuries and poor play slowed him.  He showed what he can do in the playoffs.  Time to let him start.  And if not start, CERTAINLY, and more importantly, FINISH games.

Either way, you gotta like the depth.  One more spot to fill to make 12.  I like CJ Watson.  Good player.  An upgrade over AJ at backup point.  After that, you add a couple more guys, maybe a big and a wing, and you’re set for next season.