Meineke Car Care Bowl Media Session Quotes

Head Coach Skip Holtz

JD-Looking back on the season apart from the 7-5 record do you feel that this was a successful season in your first year as USF Head Coach
CSH-“I feel that it was successful on the inside, I feel like it was successful for what we wanted to get done in year one, I feel that it was successful with the attitude of the players in getting them to buy in. This was a difficult situation we walked into with a lot of adversity, there were a lot of guys that could have sat back and crossed their arms…..but they bought in, they jumped in with both feet, they played extremely hard, they’re playing hard…I think of all those things we were trying to get taught, I thought it was a great season. When you look at the record it was a frustrating season.”

JD-Coming in after Jim Leavitt with some of the losing streaks, (@Louisville, Cinci and Rutgers) did you feel any of the burden from these or was it simply a new game/season for you?
CSH- I looked at it as just a game…A lot of the times during the week I talked to them about that, “You haven’t won there ever…If we want to go up there and win and get the results we want. So I’d use some of it for motivational factors. It was a football game for me. But being able to turn and use some of that history was very helpful.

JD- Who is a player who is maybe red-shirting this year, who you think is going to be a stand out player next year for USF?
CSH- I think Darrel Scott has a chance to be a stud….I think the QB posistion will be a strength. I think the secondary will be a strength, I look at Mark Joyce as a freshman playing this year.

JD- Will Terrance Mitchell remain on offense?
CSH- Right now, I think on offense.

JD-Looking at the roster how excited are you for next year with guys like AJ Love, Sterling Griffin and Darrel Scott?
CSH-  (Skip’s face completely lights up) We’re going to have some offensive skill which is something we’ve really lacked this year. We’re going to have a QB that mentally is ready to be put in that position that will help us become the football team that we want to be.

Senior Center Sampson Genus
JD-Looking back on the season without the 7-5 record, do you feel that it was a successful one especially with Coach Holtz?
SG- Oh yeah. I mean even going back to the spring a lot of us seniors and upperclassmen got to a really frustrating point but then got through the season that it turned out to be. A lot of the games we lost we should have won and a lot of the games we won, we should have lost.

JD-This has been one of the first seasons in a while that the QB has not been the leading/primary rusher  on the team, as the center of the OL, did that change the mentality of the style of play for you?
SG- It is a little different. But you really don’t pay much attention to it. I don’t have any idea how many rushing yards Mo got (this season)…..It really doesn’t change the style, especially with a whole new offensive system.

JD-As an O Lineman, is it more satisfying to protect the Quarterback for a big pass or open up a hole for a RB for a big gain?
SG-I think….to open up a big hole. When you see that running back’s name plate, its a good feeling.

JD-Looking at Clemson’s defensive front, it’s not going to be an easy game against their front 7…
SG-It’s not. They have some great guys there. They have a great DE (Da’Quan Bowers) and inside guys are pretty good. It’s going to be a challenge. Just have to accept the challenge.

JD- As a Senior, do you see any of the younger linemen being a standout player for the Bulls in the future?
SG- Next year, Quinterrius Eatmon. He’s a big 6’7 guy, he’s going to be a pretty interesting cat.


DE Craig Marshall

JD-With future NFL Draftee Da’Quan Bowers, is “anything you can do, I can do better” running through your head at all?
CM-I’m sure there are going to be a lot of scouts looking at him, I just want to go out there and show that I’m a good player too.

JD-With Clemson going to play 2 different QB’s just like USF, do you have a goal to rattle one of them?
CM-If you can get one of them out of the game, that definitely gives us a little bit of a boost and hope to take advantage of it.

JD-Apart from the final 7-5 record, do you feel that this season was a success?
CM-We could have executed better and our record could be better. But our record, doesn’t really show how good we are. Good teams execute when they have to and that’s what we hope to do here.

JD- Looking back on your career, do you have a favorite hit/tackle that you’ve made while at USF?
CM-I’ve gotta say the Florida State game last year, (With the failed chop block attempt) with the sacks I had on Christian Ponder.

I’ll be putting up the rest of the players in the next day or so. About to head over to Bank of America Stadium for the Meineke Car Care Bowl!