Miami Dolphins hiring of Brian Daboll as offensive coordinator

It’s not sexy.  It’s not flashy.  It may not even make much sense.  But somehow, I am not that bothered by it.

Would a more recognizable name like Brad Childress or Josh McDaniels be better?  I don’t know really.  Truth is, most of us don’t really know coaches all that well before they have great and acknowledged success.

Here is what I know about Brian Daboll. He is 35.  He succeeded Rob Chudzinski in Cleveland, where Daboll ran the Browns’ offense for the past two seasons. Under his leadership this season, Cleveland’s offense finished 31st in scoring (16.9), which was one spot behind the Dolphins, and 29th in total yards (289.7) per game.  Daboll is very familiar with the AFC East.  He spent seven seasons as an assistant with the New England Patriots and two as quarterbacks coach for the NY Jets before becoming the Browns’ offensive coordinator under Eric Mangini.  His name is pronounced DAY-BULL.

Admittedly, not too much to get excited about there.  Probably, just looking the numbers and background it would be easy to be depressed.  To be fair, you have to dig a little deeper though.

Lack of success as a coach can be attributed to two things: 1) Lack of coaching ability, 2) Lack of talent to coach.  Sorting out which is which can be difficult.  It almost impossible for fans and media to project, although we like to think of ourselves as informed.

Looking at the players on the Jets and Browns, it is easy to see why it would be tough to generate offense.  Would Bill Walsh have gotten more out of those teams?  Perhaps, maybe even absolutely.  Mike Nolan has shown the last couple of years as a defensive coordinator in Denver and Miami, that he can produce results greater than the percieved talent.  Did Daboll do that?  I doubt it.

So it would appear to me, Brian Daboll could be both 1) and 2).  I also know he is young, and I hope he has learned something in his ten years of coaching.

I think, while I am not excited, I am also not discouraged.  I do have some hope.  They didn’t hire someone I absolutely did not like.  I also think, it won’t be Daboll, it will be offensive players and the decision-making of Jeff Ireland this offseason on who will be blocking, throwing, catching, and running with the ball that will determine the fate of the Dolphins.

The prospect of Chad Henne, Tyler Thigpen, a rookie, or even Chad Pennington does not leave me optimistic of what 2011 will hold.  It won’t matter who is calling the plays if one of these guys are calling them in the huddle.