MLB Power Rankings: Summer’s Sluggers

MLB Power Rankings for June 6-June 12th 2015


1) St. Louis Cardinals (40-21): Last Week’s Ranking: 1
It’s business as usual for baseball’s best team as the Cardinals have a healthy 6 1/2 game lead in the NL Central.

2) Kansas City Royals (34-24): Last Week’s Ranking: 5

royals win

The Royals regain the AL Central division lead thanks to a recent four game winning streak.

3) Los Angeles Dodgers (36-25): Last Week’s Ranking: 4

adrian gonzales
MVP candidate Adrian Gonzalez continues his offensive maestro work with a .318 batting average and 11 home runs.

4) Houston Astros (35-27): Last Week’s Ranking: 2

astros lose

Having just snapped a seven game losing skid, Houston is out to prove that their recent struggles are over with.

5) New York Yankees (33-27): Last Week’s Ranking: 9
Although the Yankees have dropped back to back games, seven wins in their last ten earns them a spot in this week’s top five.

6) Pittsburgh Pirates (33-27): Last Week’s Ranking: 6


The Pirates have seemingly put their early season struggles behind them and look to be a factor in the crowded NL Central.

7) Minnesota Twins (33-27): Last Week’s Ranking: 3
Suffering a three game sweep at the hands of division foe Kansas City knocks Minnesota out of first place in the super competitive AL Central.

8) San Francisco Giants (34-28): Last Week’s Ranking: 8

buster posey

Despite plenty of ups and downs this year, the defending champs are within striking distance of first place Los Angeles in the NL West.

9) Chicago Cubs (32-27): Last Week’s Ranking: 11
Like division rival Pittsburgh, the Cubs also have their eye on a wildcard playoff berth.

10) Tampa Bay Rays (33-29): Last Week’s Ranking: 10


Pitchers apparently grow on trees in St. Petersburg as ace Chris Archer makes Rays’ fans forget all about David Price and James Shields.

11) New York Mets (33-29): Last Week’s Ranking: 7
Having bumped Washington out of the NL East’s top spot last week, the Amazins’ maintain their slim division lead this week.

12) Texas Rangers (32-29): Last Week’s Ranking: 13
Texas has shaken off a ragged start to their season and have won six of their last ten.

13) Detroit Tigers (32-29): Last Week’s Ranking: 15

cabrera sad

Consistency continues to elude the Detroit Tigers as they lag behind Kansas City and Minnesota in the AL Central.

14) Toronto Blue Jays (32-30): Last Week’s Ranking: 22

bluejays win

The Blue Jays flex their muscles as a league best nine game winning streak helps them shoot up eight spots this week.

15) Baltimore Orioles (30-30): Last Week’s Ranking: 23
Riding a five game winning streak of their own, Baltimore has quickly made up ground in the AL East.

16) Washington Nationals (31-30): Last Week’s Ranking: 12
Back to back losses to the woeful Milwaukee Brewers certainly doesn’t help Washington’s cause.

17) LA Angels (31-30): Last Week’s Ranking: 14


Despite an enormous payroll, the Angels can do no better than one game over .500.

18) San Diego Padres (31-32): Last Week’s Ranking: 16

justin upton

Justin Upton and the new look San Diego Padres find themselves near the middle of the MLB power rankings pack.

19) Chicago White Sox (28-31): Last Week’s Ranking: 21
Struggling Chicago looks to rebound after already dropping the first game of a three game series with Tampa Bay.

20) Atlanta Braves (28-31): Last Week’s Ranking: 18
In a pivotal NL East showdown, Atlanta is in the middle of a three game road series with first place New York.

21) Cincinnati Reds (28-32): Last Week’s Ranking: 24

jay bruce

After a 5-4 win over the Cubs, Cincinnati’s road record is still a woeful 11-19.

22) Cleveland Indians (28-32): Last Week’s Ranking: 17
The Indians now occupy dead last in the AL Central by a half game.

23) Arizona Diamondbacks (28-32): Last Week’s Ranking: 19

churro dog

Seven games out of first place, the Churro Dog is the only thing keeping D’Backs fans interested at Chase Field.

24) Colorado Rockies (27-33): Last Week’s Ranking: 20
On a three game skid, the Rockies beat out Arizona for last place in the NL West by a half game.

25) Seattle Mariners (27-34): Last Week’s Ranking: 25

mariners lose

Mariners’ players can’t bare to watch as their season continues to spiral out of control.

26) Boston Red Sox (27-35): Last Week’s Ranking: 26


While every other team in the AL East has won at least seven of their last ten, Boston falls further behind with a current four game losing skid.

27) Miami Marlins (26-36): Last Week’s Ranking: 28
Back to back victories gives the Marlins a rare winning streak in 2015.

28) Oakland Athletics (25-38): Last Week’s Ranking: 27
While they occupy last place in the AL West, Oakland has played .500 baseball through their last ten games.

29) Milwaukee Brewers (24-38): Last Week’s Ranking: 30
Things are looking up for the Brewers as back to back wins finally lifts them out of the MLB power rankings cellar.

30) Philadelphia Phillies (22-40): Last Week’s Ranking: 29


Unbelievably, the Phillies found a new way to lose by dropping their last game to Pittsburgh in 13 innings. Chalk up another L for major league baseball’s lousiest team.