Floyd Mayweather: “2018…Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather…MMA….”

Is The Undefeated Boxer Hinting At Giving MMA A Shot?

Is Floyd Mayweather considering a move from the ring to the octagon?

The answer is most likely no, but there’s no telling if Mayweather is just blowing smoke or if he is really serious about transitioning to MMA.  On Tuesday, a video was posted of him entering a cage and today a video of him stating “What are the odds?” in reference to him fighting in MMA.

Conor McGregor responded to the video of Mayweather entering a cage on his own twitter.

The big question is, can you say Mayweather will definitely not fight in the UFC?  If you answer is yes, ask yourself the following questions.  Did you also have doubts when rumors of McGregor boxing Mayweather started brewing?  Did you really believe when you first heard James Toney was going to step in the cage to fight former two-division champion Randy Couture?  Lastly, did you laugh when the UFC was going to let CM Punk, a man without any sort of a professional sports background, compete in the organization?

Chances are you answered yes to at least one of those questions.  So what’s stopping the UFC from putting Mayweather inside the cage?

In today’s UFC, belts don’t matter as much as they did a few years ago.  Today, fights are put together that will make the company the most money, not what necessarily makes sense.

Floyd Mayweather has no business stepping into the octagon.  He is one of the greatest boxers ever, but boxing is just a small portion size of mixed-martial arts.  Can he defend a takedown?  Can he check a leg-kick?  Does he know how to fight off his back?

The answer to all those questions is most likely no.

A rebuttal to the idea of Mayweather fighting in a cage may be, “Well, McGregor shouldn’t have been in a boxing ring.”

Photo: AP

Maybe he shouldn’t have.  But McGregor had at least been training in boxing for years before he ever signed a contract to fight Mayweather.  McGregor has put on boxing gloves when training for MMA fights.  The odds Mayweather has even rolled around on a mat trying submission holds, are slim to none.

The most logical reason why the Mayweather fighting in the UFC is unlikely is because they can’t afford him.  With a nickname like “Money”, the chances he’ll take a paycut, and a large one at that, isn’t probable.  McGregor had the highest based salary in the organization of $3.5 million for his UFC 205 fight.  However, McGregor did take home more than that after PPV buys and sponsorship.

Mayweather gets a flat amount of money when he gets paid, and it’s a lot more than $3.5 million.  Here is a picture he tweeted of how much he got when he boxed McGregor.

There is no way the UFC could ever pay him near this amount.  As for sponsors, Reebok would pay Mayweather $2,500 since he doesn’t have any fights under the organization.  There’s no way Mayweather would be paid so little from a sponsor.

Is Mayweather going to fight in the UFC and if he did, would it be against McGregor?  Probably not.  But, can we completely rule it out?  Mayweather is either wanting another fight with McGregor or trying to stay in the public eye.  Another tweet he has made recently about McGregor was a picture of him landing a punch on McGregor when they boxed.

The UFC hasn’t commented lately on the chances of Mayweather fighting in the octagon.  The chances of Mayweather fighting in the UFC are slim, but lets not rule it out quite yet.

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