Nurmagomedov Submits McGregor; Then The Mayhem At T-Mobile Began

Nurmagomedov Attacks McGregor’s Team After Biggest Win Of His Career




These are the words UFC President Dana White used to describe his lightweight champion’s actions after defending his belt for the first time.

Inside the cage, Khabib Nurmagomedov did to Conor McGregor what he had done to so many of his previous opponents before. He took him down, landed punches and elbows round after round. He did this until McGregor eventually turned over and gave up his back before Nurmagomedov (27-0) wrapped a choke around McGregor’s (21-4) neck and getting the tap 3:03 via neck crank in the 4th round.

Many times after a fight ends between fighters who had bad blood, the two fighters embrace, with the fighters earning one another’s respect after the battle the two just endured. This wasn’t one of those times.

Not only did Nurmagomedov hold onto the neck crank for an extra second or more after referee Herb Dean stopped the fight, as soon as he was pulled off McGregor, he began shouting and taunting towards McGregor.

Photo: AP Photo/John Locher

Then, Nurmagomedov went over to McGregor’s corner and it appeared he yelled at McGregor’s team. He then jumped over the cage and attacked McGregor’s coaches. That’s when the madness started.

Nurmagomedov was being pulled from fighting McGregor’s team and then members of Nurmagomedov’s team jumped in the octagon and attacked McGregor. Here is the video showing what happened via Twitter.

Eventually, McGregor was escorted out to the back and after speaking to White, Nurmagomedov left the octagon as well, surrounded by security and who had fans throwing items from Irish flags to drinks at the lightweight champion. Three of Nurmagomedov’s teammates were arrested, but later released after McGregor and his team declined to press charges.

White spoke to the media afterward about the incident.

Photo: AP Photo/John Locher

“A lot of bad stuff,” White said. “A lot of bad stuff that shouldn’t have happened. …All hell broke loose. I don’t even know what to say right now. I’m just disgusted and sick over it.”

White also stated the Nevada State Athletic Commission will be holding onto Nurmagomedov’s check until they complete their investigation.

Photo: AP

Nurmagomedov spoke to the media after the fight, trying to justify his actions, but did apologize.

“I want to say sorry to the athletic commission, Nevada, sorry to Vegas,” Nurmagomedov said. “I know this is not my best side. I’m (sic) human being. I don’t understand how people can talk about how I jump the cage.  What about he (McGregor) talked about my religion? He talked about my country. He talked about my father. He come (sic) to Brooklyn and he broke bus. He almost killed (sic) couple people. What about this sh*t? Why people talk about I jump over the cage. Why people still talk about this?”

What happens now? The NSAC will investigate and suspensions and fines are expected. As for McGregor? He didn’t speak with the media but tweeted out shortly after the fight.


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