Celebrity Chef Nadia G Helps Simplify Your Thanksgiving

Nadia G, “Keep it simple.”

Nadia G

Power Hour host Matthew Sardo spoke with celebrity chef  Nadia G, host of “Bitchin’ Kitchen” and “Bite This” on The Cooking Channel. Nadia talked about spicing up your holiday cocktails and simplifying your turkey presentation.

What is the easiest item to prepare for thanksgiving that could WOW your guest?
“It comes down to breaking things down to their bare elements and having fun with them. If you’re not a great cook, don’t make a turkey. Turkeys are complicated, they can get dry, they can be under cooked. So why not make some turkey sliders or get some turkey legs and pop those in the oven and then pull the meat. You can create a sweet and tangy barbeque sauce on the side. Buy some Hawaiian buns, you know the delicious sweet soft buns and kind of have a play on pulled pork sandwiches but with turkey. You can also make turkey burgers, the options are limitless. Just get away from thinking about the traditional spread and how you can make it your own and something that you will enjoy doing.”

What’s the best cocktail to drink while cooking on Thanksgiving?
“A great thing to do with cocktails is to break them down. I need something sweet, I need some tangy, I want something spicy and maybe a little bit salty. To make that a little clearer you can make a pink grapefruit and cilantro Mojito. The herbal flavor of the cilantro will play with the acidity of the pink grapefruit, throw a little bit of maple syrup there, then add vodka, tequila or rum. Think of your traditional cosmopolitan recipe and maybe add a couple slices of jalapeño to that to add a new component to what your pallet would expect. Adding that one surprising thing can take your drink game to the next level.

Listen to the complete Nadia G interview below.

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